Visualizing a VOIP security attack

Through support of the Honeynet Project, I attempted a new visualization approach with the aim of showing the scale of a typical attack on a VOIP server on the internet in an engaging way.
With the increase in popularity of VOIP telephony, attacks are becoming more prevalent. The compromise of a VOIP system can cost the victim over $100,000 in real cash. For example, an Australian based company suffered $120,000 in toll fraud as a result of a VOIP compromise – read the full story here.
The video is intended to be a stylized visualization of the early stages of a cyber criminal compromising a VOIP system.
Credit to gltail, a ruby based tool to which we fed heavily modified logfiles, and Johann Pachelbel for his Canon.
Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 6.54.43 pm.png

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