"South East Queensland koalas are currently undergoing a major population decline. Data on major causes of koala disease or injury has been collected, but no detailed epidemiological studies on morbidity and mortality exist. Additionally, a¬†lack of standardised pathological analysis and scientific data management procedures to compile and analyse disease and mortalities, are major constraints on... Continue Reading →

Internet malware blooms

https://vimeo.com/95262756 A homage to the "hpfriends" malware analysis framework. This video is a stylized animation demonstrating the prevalence of Internet malware. Branches in these "malware blooms" occur per country, then new branches for each city and each node is an IP address in that city. As new branches occur and old ones recede, the bloom... Continue Reading →

Using Visualization to detect card-present ATM Fraud

Details of this work are available on request. This paper was presented at the following conferences. - 45th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) in 2011 - American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) in 2012 Abstract: Mitigating card-present fraud can be easy when the behaviours associated with the actions have been identified. The situation... Continue Reading →

Mouse tracking

https://vimeo.com/16152832 I wanted to find some interesting analog data which could be collected and analyzed quickly, and for this analysis to produce reasonably useful real-world output. Well, I didn't have to look much further than the humble computer input device, the mouse (or in this case, a trackpad. All recordable by-products like IOGraph). The goal... Continue Reading →

Trojan Pong

https://vimeo.com/10861003 This project was done for the¬†Shadowserver Foundation. They are a volunteer, Not for Profit organization who deal with the capture, analysis and dissemination of data and intelligence relating to nefarious activity on the internet. Shadowserver provided us with one day worth of data (which was several gigabytes) for us to apply some known techniques,... Continue Reading →

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