Circos – Applying a genetic mapping tool to Internet DDoS attack campaigns

This project was done for the Shadowserver Foundation. They are a volunteer, Not for Profit organization who deal with the capture, analysis and dissemination of data and intelligence relating to nefarious activity on the internet. Shadowserver provided us with one day worth of data for us to apply some known techniques, and experiment with some new... Continue Reading →

Time based heatmaps

This is a very simple heatmap and is used to analyze "busy times". Quite simply, the brighter the dot, the more activity. Any metric that can be quantified against time may be mapped, examples include: Sales volumes Trading volumes Foot traffic through store departments Call Center activity Road traffic Heart-rate, blood pressure, health data  

Geo Heatmaps

Heatmaps are one of the most intuitive mapping styles. This form of heatmap often poses further, more valuable questions that can then be explored. For example "Why are so many people in the western suburbs of Sydney buying/using my product? What else do I need to do to take advantage of this trend?" Similarly one... Continue Reading →

Internet attack relationship mapping

Relationships. Amongst a mass of unstructured data, hidden patterns can emerge. These 'link graphs' show some compelling relationships between attacker and victim in the realm of Internet security. Adding color to these graphs further adds to the value of the diagram by showing active nodes in the center (in red) and quieter attackers on the... Continue Reading →

Frog sightings in South Australia

As part of the 'Government 2.0 workforce' Mashup Australia initiative, I worked on several applications. For one project I used a data set from the South Australian Department For Environment and Heritage containing over 6,700 frog sighting notes dating back to 1947 and having 20 species identified. I prepared some heatmaps of this data, and hope that... Continue Reading →

SPAM animation

This animation shows the location of computers that sent SPAM email over a period of time. Does SPAM follow the sun, watch and find out!  

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